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Millionaire – My Money DeskMy Money Desk

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Struggling to find the loans, lending, private lenders, hard money, and brokers who are still out there lending today?  Everyone knows the banks took our tax payer bail out money and tarp funds and saved their own butts but refuse to re-loan the money out that we gave them to save not just them but for the benefit of ourselves as citizens and taxpayers.  So, what do you do when you can not find a mortgage, or you need to refinance your home, or need a business loan, or you have an invention and just plain need investment funds or Private Money Lenders to get your plan rolling?

We are offering you a 2011-2012 directory of private lenders, millionaire hard money lenders, private mortgage brokers, private money lenders and the people who can help you get the funds you desperately need.

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